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Running measures programmatically

Feel free to try this out using our example APK

1. Install the profiler

yarn add --dev @perf-profiler/e2e

2. Create a TS script including an e2e performance test

You can use any TS/JS based e2e framework (or just simple adb shell commands).
Here's an example using our own Appium Helper (install it with yarn add

import { AppiumDriver } from "";
import { TestCase, measurePerformance } from "@perf-profiler/e2e";

const bundleId = "com.example";
const appActivity = "com.example.MainActivity";

const runTest = async () => {
const driver = await AppiumDriver.create({
appPackage: bundleId,

const testCase: TestCase = {
beforeTest: async () => {
run: async () => {
// run is where measuring will happen, insert e2e logic here
await driver.findElementByText("KILL JS");
// Duration is optional, but helps in getting consistent measures.
// Measures will be taken for this duration, regardless of test duration
duration: 10000,

const { writeResults } = await measurePerformance(bundleId, testCase);


You have to replace a few elements in this script:

  • the bundleId (You can use npx @perf-profiler/profiler getCurrentApp to display info for the app opened on your phone)
  • the appActivity
  • insert your e2e logic inside the run function

3. Run the test

  • Run npx appium in one tab
  • Run npx ts-node yourScriptName.ts in a separate tab

This will produce a JSON file full of measures.

4. Open the web report

Open the JSON file generated in the web profiler:

flashlight report yourResultFileName.json

Replace yourResultFileName with the name of the result file that was generated. It was printed in output of the previous appium command.