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If your test have failed, you should receive an email with a video of the failed test.

Make sure text matches your app contentโ€‹

If you see this message a few times, it means Flashlight wasn't able to find the text you passed in your app

Launch app ""... โœ…
Assert that ".*The text.*" is visible... โŒ

Compare with the video of the failed test to make sure the app content was what you had expected.

Use Maestro locallyโ€‹

Flashlight runs Maestro tests in the cloud, so if the test is failing and still can't figure out why, it could be useful to test it locally on a device.

See how to:

Check wordings with Maestro Studioโ€‹

Using Maestro Studio, you can check if the wording you passed to Flashlight matches what Maestro expects.

Run Maestro test locallyโ€‹

You can also run your test

Since in the cloud, devices will have a blank state, it might be useful to clear data on your local device to reproduce the same behavior by adding a clearState( step, e.g.:

- clearState
- launchApp
- tapOn: "Text on the screen"

Still not working?โ€‹

Feel free to reach out: