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flashlight test

Run a test several times and measure performance.

Main usage: flashlight test --bundleId <your app id> --testCommand <your test command>

Example with Maestro: flashlight test --bundleId --testCommand "maestro test flow.yml"


--testCommand <testCommand>Test command (e.g. maestro test flow.yml). App performance during execution of this script will be measured over several iterations.
--bundleId <bundleId>Bundle id of your app
--iterationCount <iterationCount>Amount of iterations to be run. Results will be averaged. (default: 10)
--maxRetries <maxRetries>Maximum number of retries allowed over all iterations. (default: 3)
--duration <duration>Duration (in ms) is optional, but helps in getting consistent measures. Measures will be taken for this duration, regardless of test duration
--beforeEachCommand <beforeEachCommand>Command to be run before each test iteration
--afterEachCommand <afterEachCommand>Command to be run after each test iteration
--beforeAllCommand <beforeAllCommand>Command to be run before all test iterations
--resultsFilePath <resultsFilePath>Path where the JSON of results will be written
--resultsTitle <resultsTitle>Result title that is displayed at the top of the report
--recordAllows you to record a video of the test. This is useful for debugging purposes.
--recordBitRate <recordBitRate>Value may be specified as bits or megabits, e.g. '4000000' is equivalent to '4M'.
--recordSize <recordSize>For best results, use a size supported by the AVC encoder.
--logLevel <logLevel>Set Log level (choices: "error", "warn", "success", "info", "debug", "trace")
-h, --helpdisplay help for command